Alocasia Polly

The Alocasia Polly, also known as the Alocasia Amazonica, African Mask Plant, or Elephant Ear Plant, is a very trendy lil plant that you've probably seen all over social media. Its large and odd-shaped leaves with bright nerves will jump out at you from a distance. Like other Alocasias, the Alocasia Polly is a tropical … Continue reading Alocasia Polly


8 Reasons Why Your House Plant is Dying & How To Fix It

Lack of water - this one's kind of obvious. If you don't water your plants they will die lol. Signs of an underwatered plant are dry, brown , falling leaves, and very dry, cracked soil. When watering, the water will run right through the soil and out the bottom, not getting absorbed by the roots. … Continue reading 8 Reasons Why Your House Plant is Dying & How To Fix It

Monstera Deliciosa

In the world we live in, houseplants have made a comeback. One plant has become especially famous—or at least instagram famous. It’s immediately evocative of a tropical rainforest: huge, dark green, waxy leaves, with interesting perforations in them. Meet the Monstera Deliciosa, a tropical plant (mine's named Phil 😉) native to Mexico & Central America, Asia, … Continue reading Monstera Deliciosa