How to Beat the Winter Blues

We all get a little bit of seasonal depression, some of us just more than others. And whether it’s the cold temps or way-too-early sunsets that got you down, I have the remedy for you (I hope 😉)

  1. Get up and get moving – This one’s just pure science. It’s medically proven that exercise, in any form, increases production of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain. These neurotransmitters, or endorphins, are directly responsible for our mental health and level of “happiness”.
  2. Learn a new hobby – keeping the brain engaged keeps boredom and depression away! Lol. Well, it at least helps. Before Covid I didn’t know how to grow a damn thing. Then during lockdown I was like I am sooooo bored lol I need to learn something new. Fast forward 3 years later and I have an indoor jungle with 40+ house plants and a successful outdoor container garden every spring. This winter I think I’m going to learn how to knit so I can make beanies and scarves and mittens for my family.
  3. Get outside – If you can learn a winter sport to get some fresh air then do it! I may not be hitting the slopes any time soon with a broken ankle & hip, but I learned to downhill ski at 3 and snowboard at 12. No mountains? Try snowmobiling or snow shoeing or cross country skiing.
  4. Start a new project – Why is rearranging a room so fun and life-changing? Build that piece of furniture or decor you’ve always wanted. Remodel your kitchen like I did that last winter lol. Buy and decorate a she shed. And while you’re at it buy me one too 😋
  5. Start a new book – Reading is never a bad idea. Don’t want to go at it alone? Join a book club, virtual or in person. Looking for inspiration? I follow Reese’s Book Club. Her book’s of the month have never steered me wrong. And then she usually makes them into really good movies and TV shows.
  6. Plan a trip – All of the above not working? Book a trip to somewhere with a warmer climate and blow this popsicle stand ✌🏼

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