My Favorite Editing Apps

I get this question a lot! What apps do you use for editing & video production? I have several lol. Find my favs below and give them a try!

  • Lightroom – Probably the best and most used of any photo editing app. something like 90-100% of professional photographers use lightroom. From Adobe, there’s a free version and pro version. I use the pro and it’s $9.99/month.
  • Filmm – My preferred video production app. I use it to make all my videos. There’s a free demo version but you have to purchase the app to use most of it’s functions. I did the annual version for $29.99/year.
  • Touch/Retouch – Another photo editing app. I use it to remove objects/people from photos on my iphone. You can do this with photoshop, but that app took up way too much memory on my phone. This is a much more user friendly app as well. It’s also free.
  • Lightricks Suite – A group of photo and video editing software from one parent company. There’s Motionleap (adds movement to still photos), Photoleap (some very cool artistic photo effects), Lightleap (photo editing), and Videoleap (video editing). I have them all lol. They are definitely not free and each are around $30/year
  • Canva – graphic design. I use it for everything, from my logo to ads. Worth every penny. It’s $12.99/month. I definitely don’t pay for it every month though lol. I re-purchase for a specific project if needed and then cancel again.
  • Instories– Fun story layouts and reel covers. There’s a free and pro version. I have the pro.

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