The Accident

As many of you that follow me know by now, my kids and I got into a really bad car accident last week. There are so many rumors and questions going around about me right now that I am addressing the situation and clarifying what happened.

What Happened

We had spent the day on the boat with the kids, heading out to Wingaersheek for some beach grilling. It was the best day with my family! We had taken 2 cars to the marina, so I drove my car home with my kids and Josh was taking his truck after cleaning up the boat. I was driving on a very windy, narrow forest road. My daughter was crying so I tried to grab her sippy cup from the floor of backseat. I was barely touching it with my fingertips when my driving arm must’ve started to drift with the steering wheel. My tires drifted off the soft shoulder and I lost control of the vehicle, slamming into a tree.

My car was completely totaled. Neighbors ran out to help us (can’t thank all of you enough) and called 911. EMS pulled my kids out first, and besides some bumps and bruises they were ok. I was another story. Upon assessing my body and injuries, they were very concerned that I ruptured my spleen. If you rupture your spleen you will internally bleed out in minutes. They attempted to call me an airlift, but there was no place to land a chopper among all the trees on that road. So they took me by ambulance to the hospital.

Our Injuries

Sadie sustained whiplash and has to wear a neck brace for a couple weeks. Harrison broke his wrist and needs to be in a cast for 4 weeks. That’s it for the kids. I’ve never been more grateful in my life that God was watching out for my babies that day.

I, on the other hand, am severely injured. I broke my pelvis in 4 places, ruptured my SI joint, and completely shattered my ankle. They surgically repaired my ankle with a multitude of internal hardware, and my SI joint with a couple of big ass screws. They did not, however, do anything to repair the fractures in my pelvis. They can only give me pain management while it heals on its own. Lemme tell you something – I had 2 csections and a broken pelvis is easily the worst pain I’ve ever felt.

I have to be completely non weight bearing on my ankle for 4 weeks. Then partial weight bearing for another 4 weeks. Then finally relearning how to walk again at the 8 week mark. The fractures in my pelvis make it very difficult to move, and I am in constant pain from them. I sit on icepacks a lot lol. I need to use only my arms and a slide board (a plastic board used as a bridge that I slide my butt across) to transfer myself from the bed to a wheelchair, and from the wheel chair to the toilet or shower stool. I can’t dress myself. I have special tools to help me get pants and socks on because I can’t bend over. I need help with almost everything and won’t be able to walk for months. Because of all this, after 4 days in the hospital I was transferred to orthopedic rehab, indefinitely.

What Next

I have a very long road of painful recovery ahead of me, and it’s going to be super hard, but I know I can do this. There are some legal matters regarding the crash that I’ll have to deal with once I can walk again, and I’ll take full responsibility for everything that happened that day. I made a mistake, I’m only human. And the handful of judgy people that felt the need to talk shit? He who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But I feel like Karma already got me real good in that my kids are pretty much fine and I almost died. I also was not wearing a seatbelt. I never do. Won’t make that mistake again!

Sooooo many of you reached out after the accident that I am beyond words. The number of calls and texts we got from family and friends was honestly one of the only things that got me through those first few days in the hospital. Your kind words, offers of help, and just your general support warmed my heart and brought me to tears. Our family really is surrounded by a village of the most amazing people, and I can’t wait to be back on my feet and do something to thank you for real. I love you all so much 🧡


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