How to Keep the Spark Alive Decades In

Josh and I have been together for 15 years, since we were both 21 years old. Our relationship is far from perfect; we’ve broken up, gotten back together, and gone through everything imaginable in between. But our love for each other has never changed. Here’s some things we do to keep our bond strong👇🏼

1. Couple’s Counseling – IMO this should be required of all marriages. There is nothing wrong with therapy – it will only give you the skills to understand and communicate with each other better.

2. Date Nights – never stop courting each other! No matter how many years it’s been or how many kids you have you still have to make your relationship a priority. At least once a month take your spouse out on a date and flirt with them like you just met 😉

3. Get off Ya Damn Phone – I know this sounds cliché, especially coming from a blogger, but seriously, have technology free time! In our house we have no phones after dinner so we have quality time together as a family.

4. Try New Things – Whether you’re interested in traveling to a new place or signing up for a new cooking class, break out of your normal habits. Plus having a hobby you’re both passionate about will bring you closer together.

5. Keep it Spicy in the Bedroom – You might have a great sex life, but sometimes switching things up a bit can take things in your physical life and your marriage in general, from mediocre to amazing. Outfits, role playing, locations outside the bedroom, chocolate sauce/whip cream, etc. I mean whatever floats your boat and excites you! Get creative 😉

6. Perfect the Little Things – it’s not always a grand gesture that shows how much you love someone. The fact that my husband knows most of my food orders by heart and cleans off my car every time it snows means a whole lot.


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