Philodendron Imperial Red

The Philodendron Imperial Red is a hybrid. It, along with other philodendrons like congo, rojo congo, and prince of orange, were bred to be houseplants. They’re tropical plants native to the rainforests of Central & South America and the Caribbean. It stays short but grows wide, adding body to gaps in the living space. It is also a known air purifier, and the bigger it grows the more effective it is 😉


Water – Keep the soil of your Imperial Red moist but allow the top of the soil to dry-out slightly before re-watering. But never to a point where the soil is clumped or is pulling away from the pot. Also, make sure you plant in a well draining pot to avoid root rot.

Light – They are happy in a shaded area but best in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight as this will scorch the leaves.

Humidity – Being a tropical plant, the imperial red loves humidity. It can cope with normal household humidity, but it will produce the most gorgeous leaves with a humidity level of 70% or higher. Think thicker, darker and wider foliage.

Grouping your plants together is a good way to increase humidity naturally. Grouping helps plants share humidity resources through a process known as transpiration. Effectively, you’re creating a mini biome which helps ALL your plants to function more efficiently.

Alternatively you could invest in a good ol’ humidifier or line a tray with pebbles, fill the tray halfway with water and place the pot on the stones (not in the water).


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