Christmas Gift List 2021

Time for our annual gift list! All products are linked and grouped by recipient. Happy shopping!

Both Kids

Wooden Backyard Swingset

Got ours from amazon for under $500! However, be advised it came in like a million pieces and the instructions say it’ll take 6-8 hours to assemble with a minimum of 2 people 🥴 Oy vey! lol

Literati Kids Subscription

Literati is a monthly book subscription box company. They have boxes for both adults & kids, and the kids boxes can be ordered by age group.

Piano Floor Mat

Bubble Machine

Sadie (Age 22 Months)

Cuddle and Kind Dolls

These amazing dolls are handmade in Peru and for some reason Sadie loves them more than any other stuffed animal she has. They’re almost like sweater material. They’re definitely a little pricey, so I buy the smaller ones, but each doll purchased gives 10 meals to a hungry child in America!

Sit in Rocker

I mean seriously how cute are these?! Found them surfing for gifts on amazon & I’m obsessed!

Harrison (Age 4 with Autism)

Sit in Rocker

They have a bunch of different animals available in these rockers and I was torn between the giraffe and the dinosaur for Harrison to go with Sadie’s llama. Ended up with the giraffe simply because it goes with my home decor better 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Light Up Wand

Harrison is kinda obsessed with light due to his ASD, so he freakin loves these things!

Sensory Fidget Tubes

Josh (The impossible to shop for husband)

The Adventure Challenge

The Challenge Books are mystery scratch off books with 50 creative adventures. You can get the couples or family version and you don’t know what activity or date you’re doing til you scratch it off. I thought this was so cool!


This company is honestly super cool and I’ve ordered crates from them for Josh before. Basically gift boxes for dudes that come in wooden crates and the cutest lil crowbar because the guys literally have to bust them open. You can even order it wrapped in duct tape if you wanna give them an extra challenge. They have grilling, fishing, hunting, cigar/pipe, and alcohol themed boxes.

Grilling Apron

I mean, definitely just got this as a joke gift to go with his grilling mancrate. But he will 100% wear this while cooking at family parties so I guess the joke is on me 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣


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