Ultimate Experiences Gift Guide

The materialism & over consumption of the holidays has gotten so out of hand that I can’t help but sigh & roll my eyes in disgust at everything related to the hoopla of holiday shopping. Like you’re really going to trample someone in Walmart at midnight on thanksgiving for a $200 TV? Gimme a break 🙄 The holidays are about spending time with the people you love. Aaaand eating a ton of good food 😉 But you know what we do in my family? A yankee swap with a $25 gift cap with my large Italian family on Christmas Eve. At a big party where we have a lot of fun and enjoy each other. And my immediate family? We gift each other experiences. Time together is our gift. No one needs more Knick knack crap to fill up their house. Don’t know what to do? Read below👇🏼 for the ultimate experience gift guide 💝

  1. Book a surprise vacation, even if it’s just a weekend away locally
  2. Know that they’re taking a trip soon? Call ahead and to their resort and buy them a dinner or hotel excursion
  3. Gift certificate for a spa day
  4. Gift certificate to their favorite restaurant
  5. Gift certificate to their favorite salon
  6. Take them sky diving…if you dare 😜
  7. Airbnb Experiences
  8. Monthly subscription box of their favorite wine or spirit
  9. National Parks annual pass – includes unlimited entry to all 2,000 US National Parks for one year
  10. Gift a Cameo video with their favorite viral start or childhood hero
  11. Virgin Experience Gifts – Like Airbnb experiences, Virgin Experience Gifts offers a wide range of adventures you can gift to loved ones at home and abroad. Take them skydiving, white water rafting, hot air ballooning and more with a specific experience gift — or try a gift card for them to plan their own excursion
  12. MasterClass – Know their interested in cooking or pottery? Give your loved one a lesson in everything they’ve always wanted to know with this year-long all-access pass. With classes in fitness, design, cooking, music, and even dog training, they’ll definitely find something that piques their interest.
  13. Tickets to see their favorite team play or band perform
  14. Escape room
  15. Paintball
  16. Dance classes
  17. Amusement park passes
  18. Skiing/Snowboarding lift tickets
  19. Wine tasting
  20. Group cooking class


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