Begonia Maculata

Ok I saw this baby in the greenhouse and was like "that is the weirdest plant I've seen in awhile" and I just had to have it. Upon researching it when I got home, I found out that it was rumored that the scarlet undersides of the Begonia Maculata's leaves were the inspiration for the … Continue reading Begonia Maculata


Aphelandra Squarrosa aka Zebra Plant

The Aphelandra Squarrosa, AKA "zebra plant” is a large Brazilian rain forest plant, which can grow into large, upright shrubs that bloom profusely in the moist, tropical heat. This zebra houseplant is known for its large, dark green leaves deeply veined in white or yellow, hence the zebra name. Their brightly colored flowers and bracts … Continue reading Aphelandra Squarrosa aka Zebra Plant

Aglaonema “Lady Valentine”

Aglaonema are tropical plants with striking, multicolored leaves and are often used in interior plant design. There are over 150 hybrid varieties of different shapes, shades and colors. The "Lady Valentine" is a stand out with bright, hot pink & green leaves that are freakin' gorgeous! Individual plants' leaves can range from dark pink to … Continue reading Aglaonema “Lady Valentine”