Calathea Ornata

The Calathea Ornata, also called the Pinstripe Plant, is a beautiful plant with pink stripes on its large green leaves. But it can definitely be a fussy little plant to care for. While these plants may seem simple in appearance, they do require a bit of care to keep looking healthy.


When you first bring home your calathea ornata plant, you will need to pay particular attention to its final destination. This tropical plant prefers bright, indirect light.  It is rather finicky in this regard, as too little light will cause stunted growth, while too much direct sunlight can burn the plant’s delicate leaves. If you’re unsure whether your calathea is getting too much light, its colorful stripes will start to fade when it’s getting too much sunlight.


Calatheas like soil that is consistently moist, but not soggy. The frequency at which you’ll need to water depends on the amount of light your plant is getting—in lower light situations, you’ll likely need to water less often. A good rule of thumb is to water when the top inch or two of soil feels dry. To ensure that moisture is being distributed evenly throughout the pot, it is a good idea to aerate the soil regularly. To do this, use a wooden chopstick to gently poke holes in the surface of the soil—this will let air and water get to all parts of the roots evenly.


Natively rainforest plants of South America, they are used to very humid environments, and the air in our homes can’t always keep up. If you notice dry, crispy leaf edges or curling leaves, your Calathea Ornata needs more humidity. There are a few simple ways to increase the humidity around your plant. Try placing your planter on a pebble tray, near a humidifier, or clustered with other plants. Misting also helps.


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