All Things Pumpkin

While I think the pumpkin flavor everything craze has gotten seriously out of control, there are a few traditional pumpkin dishes that I really do love. And of course they’re delish! 😋 Linked below are all my favorite traditional pumpkin recipes from around the web 🎃

  1. Pumpkin Bread – you really can’t go wrong with pumpkin bread. The perfect fall treat, you can have it for breakfast or dessert.
  2. Pumpkin Pie – There are lots of different ways to make pumpkin pie, from adding caramel sauce to strudel topping to using different types of crust. This is my favorite traditional recipe that I’ve found over the years. So good AND pretty. And it’s actually pretty easy to do a cookie cutter crust so don’t be intimidated!
  3. Pumpkin Cheesecake – I mean how can you go wrong?? Lol there are a ton of different pumpkin cheesecake recipes out there so it really depends on preference on this one. My personal favorite is a simple mixed (instead of layered) pumpkin cheesecake filling with a gingersnap cookie crust. Omg sooo good 🤤
  4. Pumpkin Cookies – Simple cake-like pumpkin cookies with homemade icing. Easy peasy & delcious 😉
  5. Pumpkin Soup – Not all pumpkin recipes have to be desserts! If you like butternut squash soup you’ll love this pumpkin & carrot soup. Plus it’s super easy to make. It’s not in the recipe but I also like to add a green apple to give it a little tang 🍏
  6. Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats – Want a healthier breakfast than pumpkin bread? Try overnight oats! Not only do they taste just like pumpkin pie, but they’re also vegan & gluten free.
  7. Pumpkin Old Fashioned Donuts – Classic homemade old fashioned donut recipe with a pumpkin twist! Pair with a PSL and you’re good to go 🍩

There ya have it! Pumpkin recipes you can enjoy that aren’t artificially flavored. You can find all these recipes and more on my pinterest page


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