10 Baby Essentials for the First 6 Months

  1. Sling/Wrap/Carrier – I prefer the ring sling myself, but whatever carrier you’re comfortable with is fine. They all accomplish the same goal. Sadie girl is one of those babies that never wants to be put down and I literally have to wear her while cooking dinner. So! A carrier that you’re comfortable enough wearing while doing your normal everyday activities is a necessity.
  2. Portable Bassinet – There’s several different styles made by several different brands. I prefer a Moses basket. It’s incredibly light & portable and the handles make it incredibly convenient to carry around. Plus the dockatot fits inside. Which brings me to my next point…
  3. Dockatot – I mean, it’s probably the best thing I bought this time around that I didn’t have with my first baby. They nestle right on in there and the sides snuggle them up like a swaddle so they actually sleep. And as said above – it fits in a Moses basket perfectly.
  4. Pack & Play – A portable crib & changing table in one, I use this thing constantly with both kids. I have it set up downstairs at first as an alternate changing table for when I don’t want to climb the stairs. And then it’s purpose slowly changes into a baby cage for when they start crawling and you just need 5 minutes to shower 🤣 We also use it as the baby’s crib when we travel.
  5. Baby Jumper – I don’t know what it is about bouncing up & down, but babies love it and are obsessed with it. They’ll happily spend hours in a jumper
  6. Baby swing – most babies are a struggle to get to sleep, and a lot dislike being put down. A swing to rock them when you can’t is a complete necessity. For extra fussy babies like my Sadie girl, I highly recommend the mamaRoo from 4moms. Car ride mode on 5 is sometimes the only way she’ll sleep. The struggle is real 🤦‍♀️
  7. Activity Gym – The mats with the arches that have dangly toys & mirrors for baby to play with. They freakin love this thing lol. It’s usually where they crawl for the first time. And the entirety of your mom day will be transitioning baby from the gym to the swing to the jumper and back again 😋
  8. Original Boppy Nursing Pillow – Whether it’s breast or bottle feeding, your back will thank me later. Plus they use it long after feeding. You can use it to assist sitting and as a pillow at night once they’re old enough. My son is 3 and he still sleeps with his boppy as his pillow because he likes to curl up in the horseshoe.
  9. Flat Head Pillow – Since the American Academy of Pediatrics changed the sleep recommendation from tummy to back, flat spots have been increasing in babies. In order to avoid your child getting a helmet (not that that is a bad thing – look for my post on Harrison’s helmet), you need to use the pillow as much as possible. Obviously except overnight in the crib, baby should sleep with absolutely nothing if they’ve been transitioned to their nursery.
  10. Amber Teething Necklace – Teething is the worst! And we’ll do anything to help ease our babies’s pain. On top of infant Tylenol, both my kids have amber teething necklaces. They’re made from Baltic amber which is high is natural anti-inflammatory’s that are absorbed through the skin when warmed by baby’s body heat.

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