Lollipop Baby Monitor

We can never be too careful with our babies right? Even when we want some alone time while they sleep we still constantly worry if they’re okay. Enter baby monitors. The market is inundated with them so how do you choose? We had a Motorola with Harrison and it was alright. I wasn’t a fan of the camera as it was hard to find a place to mount it with a full view of the crib. This time around we have the lollipop baby camera and I love it.

The biggest reason I love this camera is it’s versatility. The flexible stem allows you to wrap & mount it on any crib railing or bed frame. It also has a wall mount (pictured above) that you can stick to literally any surface. The camera head also swivels 360 degrees. The video feed is viewed from the lollipop app on your phone.

What makes lollipop different? It’s fun design that comes in a variety of colors, and it’s price, which is lower than that of it’s competitors. (It’ll set you back about $150). Unlike some competitors, the Lollipop doesn’t need to be in a specific position to function properly. Its relatively wide 128-degree field of vision gives you several options, from the crib to the wall and the bookshelf, that all allow for a clear view of your little one. It’s all up to you and your preference.

Where the Lollipop shines is in its night vision. It has two different night vision infrared settings, depending on how far or close the monitor is to your baby. It switches between the two automatically, so you never have to worry about finding the right setting and can always see your little one clearly.

The lollipop app is free to download and compatible with any device that has Bluetooth. Not only can you watch your baby from your phone, but you can also control music, ambient noise, volume, & sensitivity settings. The app will also send you notifications of different types of noise from your baby, like babbling, gas, and crying. The alert will tell you exactly what’s happening. You can also integrate the app with Alexa.

We’ve been using the monitor for 2 months now and absolutely love it! Especially how portable it is as we do a lot of traveling. You can mount it to anything! Two enthusiastic thumbs up 😊

You can find the Lollipop baby monitor on Amazon here:


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