Morning Sickness Tips

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Yay!! And now you feel like shit. Pregnancy and morning sickness are no joke, and I’ve had severe morning sickness for the entirety of both my pregnancies. And it’s awful. But there are things you can do to help! Here’s a list of tips on how to cope with morning sickness and how you can feel better.

  1. Saltines and small meals. Saltines are a pregnant women’s best friend and there’s a reason everyone eats them when they’re nauseous. They really do help! And don’t sit down and eat 3 square meals a day. I graze and eat snacks and very small meals 5-6 times a day. The more food you put in your stomach the more upset it will become. So no large meals and no heavy foods. Eat like you have the flu and you’ll start to be able to keep more foods down.
  2. Hydrate! Water water water all day long. Especially if you’re throwing up a lot. Because then you’ll get dehydrated and wind up in the ER and no one wants that.
  3. Hard Candy. Sucking on hard candy can alleviate nausea. No idea why but it totally works. You can even buy Preggo Pop Drops on Amazon, they’re hard candies specifically designed for morning sickness. I used them and loved them. Here’s the link for them on Amazon:
  4. Vitamin B6 and Unisom tablets. No idea why this pairing works but it totally does. Unisom is an over the counter sleep aid and you take it together with vitamin B6 to ease nausea. If you’re sensitive to drowsiness take half a Unisom.
  5. Ginger for the win! Whether it’s Ginger Ale, adding ginger to your smoothie, or doing a shot of ginger, this centuries-old natural remedy really works.
  6. Motion sickness wristbands. They’re bracelets you put on each wrist that apply pressure to acupressure points on the inside of the wrist to alleviate nausea. They work for boat rides and they work for morning sickness.
  7. When all else fails don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. There are prescription medications that are perfectly safe for your baby and make you stop throwing up take the nausea away. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum (the severe morning sickness Kate Middleton and Amy Schumer had). I lost 12 pounds in my first 8 weeks of pregnancy and almost had to be hospitalized several times. The prescription I’m on has helped me eat again and gain most of the weight back.

Well that’s all the suggestions I can think of and I’ve used every single one. Remember you are creating the miracle of life inside you and that’s no easy task! So keep on truckin mama! I hope you feel better soon 💖


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