Swimsuit Sites That Won’t Break The Bank

There is definitely no shame in my bargain hunting game, but I won’t settle for crap quality just for a lower price. Here’s a list of my favorite websites to shop for bathing suits. They’re all well under $100 per suit and quality does not suffer.

  1. http://www.cupshe.com – I discovered this website by scrolling through instagram. Most of the suits are under $30 and the quality is amazing! I have at least 5 suits from them and they’ve all lasted me multiple beach seasons and vacations. You really can’t go wrong.
  2. http://www.venus.com – I get a lot more than just bathing suits from here and I haven’t been disappointed yet. From one pieces to bikinis to coverups to clothing, none of it breaks the bank and is all top quality.
  3. http://www.oldnavy.com – kinda goes without saying lol. I mean who doesn’t shop at Old Navy?
  4. http://www.target.com – again kinda goes without saying. Target for the win! Every. single. time.
  5. http://www.kohls.com – with their constant sales and coupons I always end up getting things for a steal, especially bathing suits

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