Toddler Beach Essentials

Taking your toddler to the beach can be quite the feat! They are fully mobile, have no fear, and run into danger at top speed. Since we live at the beach and spend a lot of time there, I made a little survival list for our lil beach babies.

  1. First and foremost you need an all-terrain baby wagon. Strollers don’t work in the sand don’t even try it. The collapsible wagon we have is and those wheels can go through anything. Plus it’s like having a pack and play on wheels. when it’s time to clean up or eat a snack or time out the wagon is perfect. Harrison even naps in it at the beach and other events. We ordered ours from amazon and use it every single day.
You can find it on amazon here:

2. A waterproof beach blanket. We got ours from Walmart for around $10 and it zips up into it’s own tote carrying case. I love it so much I have 3 of them.

You can find it here:

3. A hooded toddler beach towel. A wet and overtired toddler is not going to wait for you to change him to get off the beach. Throw the hooded towel over him, scope him up, and high tail it outa there!

Find it here:

4. Portable beach toy set. Kinda self explanatory. My only advice would be to find one that comes with a mesh bag, so you can clean up quickly but water and sand can still drain out.

Find it here:

5. Invest in a good cooler. This is where I get expensive. I have a Yeti. It’s top of the line and worth every penny. Those things keep your stuff cold for DAYS. We have a big one for camping and bbq’s and stuff like that but I have the portable bag Yeti and it’s one of my favorite gifts ever from my husband. What can I say lol he gets me.

You can find it here:

6. Umbrella. I prefer these over beach tents because you can adjust the height and angle and the sides are all open so it doesn’t get too hot. You can literally buy a beach umbrella anywhere. I like this one because it has a carrying bag and a screw in bottom:

You can find it here:

7. A baby pool. When the ocean water is too cold or the surf too rough, I bring a cheap inflatable baby pool and fill it with water using on of the baby’s pails. It’s the best because the sun heats up the water making it nice and warm for our little nuggets.

You can find it here:

There ya go! You’re ready to survive the beach with your toddler! Look for my other blog entries on the best local beaches on the North Shore, and other beach vacation reviews. Wishing you high tides and sunny vibes 😎


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