Fun Toddler Activities that are FREE

  1. The library. Libraries have a plethora of activities for all ages, but they are especially perfect for the littles. Our local library has an awesome kids room with books+toys+arts & crafts+comfy reading nooks. I take Harrison there when the weather is crappy, which in New England is often 😩
  2. The beach 😊🙌👙⚓. What can I say lol. It’s my happy place and I grew up in a seaside town. Still to this day I don’t live more than 15 minutes from the beach. Here in New England we only get 4 months of summer, and you can find us at the beach every single day of it. We pack a lunch and bring beach toys and don’t spend a dime all day. If you’re a knowledgeable local like me you usually know where to find free parking 😋
  3. The park. Kinda goes without saying. We currently live across the street from Kingston State Park in New Hampshire and there’s a path right to the lake beach from our front door. We also take walks in the park year round, just to get out of the house in the winter.
  4. Rail trails. It’s a growing trend for cities and towns to turn old train tracks that aren’t in use anymore into paved trails. Perfect for the handicapped or strollers. We walk on our local rail trail year round.
  5. The boardwalk. In my hometown of Newburyport, there’s a boardwalk that runs the length of the waterfront. Harrison absolutely LOVES to run up and down the boardwalk. There’s a little park he can play in too. Salisbury and Hampton have boardwalks as well.
  6. Playgrounds. Always free. Always fun.
  7. Play dates at friends’ houses. Same stuff, new location 😋…but seriously social interaction with the same age group helps develop cognition as well as language skills.
  8. Sledding. We have more cold months than warm in these parts, and while we all usually learn to ski around 3 or 4, Harrison isn’t quite there yet. So what do we do with the toddlers? We go sledding! And no not with an engine Josh! My husband’s an avid snowmobiler and has already bought our son a tot snowmobile at 20 months old 🤦‍♀️
  9. Swimming. We go swimming in the winter at our local Y. technically this isn’t free, but we don’t have a lot of access to town pools in our area because we’re so close to the ocean. But a membership to the Y isn’t usually as expensive as a gym and boy does my lil nugget love the water! 🐳

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