Well, we checked another stop off the bucketlist – Nashville Tennessee! We like to do experiences instead of material things for gifts, and it was a fun little weekend birthday trip. Granted I partied a little bit too hard and was just a teeny bit hungover every single day. But still! Lol we had a lot of fun!

Things I loved

View from Kid Rock’s rooftop deck
  • Music Row (Broadway) – I mean it’s exactly how it looks on TV and how everyone describes it. It’s a solid few blocks of bars. But not your everyday bars. They’re all pretty massive, even the older+historic ones; with 3 to 4 floors and rooftop decks. Each floor has a different live band. And when I say rooftop deck it’s basically another full club with heat lamps and garage doors to stay open all winter. The decor in all of them is completely over the top – which I love – and there’s antique trucks hanging from ceilings and bars made out of John Deere tractors. All the bands are really good…there wasn’t one performance we walked out of or didn’t like. I’d have to say that the best party and the best music were at Kid Rock’s, Luke’s 32 Bridge, and Jason Aldean’s. And, I mean, Luke Bryan was at his bar drinking right next to us so there’s that too. (Trying to look cool while screaming omgomgomgomg inside my head and heavily intoxicated was difficult lmao)
Jason Aldean’s Kitchen & Rooftop Bar
  • Country Music Hall Of Fame – Definitely worth it to check it out. So many cool items to see, especially some legendary guitars.
  • The Gulch – Loved loved loved this neighborhood. No offense to Music Row or southern cuisine but it was so nice to eat something that wasn’t fried. AND I found a juice shop = win.
  • The Street Art – I knew about some of the famous murals before we went down there but I was thoroughly impressed with the art scattered throughout the city. Not just murals either, but installation pieces as well. Getting my picture with the famous wings in the Gulch was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.
  • My husband really wanted to go to Cooter’s Place, which is a Duke’s of Hazzard museum. Not gunna lie he got a little bit of an eyeroll from me but whatever babe if you wanna go we’ll go. And it turned out to be pretty cool. And for $5 you can have your picture taken sitting in the actual real life General Lee from production. Well one of them. Did you know that the Dukes of Hazzard holds the record for the most vehicles destroyed during a production? Well ya do now!
  • But the best best best part of our Nashville trip? Ya it wasn’t even in Nashville. The best part of our trip was the trip to Lynchburg and the tour of the Jack Daniel’s distillery. I don’t even like whiskey that much and I was blown away. The fact that they’ve been there for 150 years, they’re the oldest distillery in the US, and they’re still the #1 selling whiskey in the world is amazing. The property is gorgeous, the history amazingly preserved, and the tour guide was awesome. This is a must see!
Jack’s mountain spring that all their whiskey is made from
The first distillery they ever built – Distillery No. 1
The original barrel house
Whiskey tasting in the barrel house
Merry Christmas from Jack Daniels!

4 thoughts on “Nashville

  1. I love Nashville!! Going back for the 4th time this year. We did Jack Daniels 1.5 years ago because my hubby is a huge JD fan, and I just LOVED Lynchburg. It was so neat to see the process and experience being at somewhere like that. So jelly you went during Christmas time and got to take a pic with the barrel tree!
    I too love the wall art! My sister and law hunted down the best ones we could find when I went a few months ago. Looks like you have some cute ones I did not see though! 🙂


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