Moore Family Travel Bucket List

         I’ve always been a traveler for as long as I can remember. Pretty much since birth our parents have taken my sister and I on various trips; from our lake+ski house up north in Maine, to multiple trips to Disney, to bumping around the Caribbean. As we’ve gotten older and formed our own families, our trips have gotten a little more exotic, more exciting, and definitely destinations we had “written” on our mental bucketlist. Which got me thinking, I don’t think I’ve ever written our dream destinations down. And writing leads to believing which leads to accomplishing your goal. So here is the Moore family travel bucketlist:  

Family trip to the Bahamas around 2003? 2002?
  1. Hawaii – completed in 2016!
This was taken as we came to the summit of the first of 6 peaks (that we had to hike twice!) on the Kalalau Trail in Kauai. A trip we trained for a year for.

       2. Costa Rica – completed in 2015!

My husband and I on a jet ski tour on our honeymoon in Costa Rica. We saw a group of sea turtles and dolphins followed us in our wakes.

         3.  Jamaica – completed in 2018!

Alex and I at Jon & Jill’s Wedding

         4. San Francisco and wine country – completed in 2016!

My bestie Jiffah and I at the Golden Gate Bridge

          5. Vegas baby – completed in 2016!

Me and the hubs at the Ghost Bar on top of the Palms

6. St. Lucia

7. Barbados

8. Nashville (soon to be done December 2018!)

9. Pacific Northwest Road Trip (June 2019!)

10. Key West (I went as a kid but it’s back on thelist now that I’m over 21 and can do the Duval Crawl lol)

11. Alaska

12. South Pacific – Bora Bora+Fiji+Tahiti

13. Australia

14. New Zealand

15. South Africa

16. Mediterranean Cruise – Spain, France, Italy, Greece,Morocco 

17. Thailand

18. The Maldives

19. Brazil

20. Argentina

21. Yellowstone camping trip

That’s what we have so far…and it’s a pretty ambitious list! If you have any suggestions of places that we just have to see then let us know! Til then always wander more…


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