Attitude of Gratitude

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”


It’s always good to reflect on the important things in your life, even if it’s a holiday tradition forcing you to do it. “What are you grateful for?” Everyone’s lives are super busy, especially when you’re a mom. And sometimes it’s hard not to get bogged down by the chaos. My day planner definitely has more written in it than I have time for and sometimes stress leads to negativity which leads to anxiety and that’s just no bueno! So I make a habit of taking a minute – literally any minute I can grab, whether I’m finally alone in the shower or out running errands without the kid (this happens like never lol)  – where I close my eyes, take some long breaths, and just practice gratitude. I try anyway! So here are some things I do my best to appreciate every single day – my mantra I guess…

Things I’m Grateful For

  • My husband and son and our furbabies and all the joy they bring to my life
  • Our circle of friends and family that are probably the greatest people you’ll ever meet
  • YOGA. Yoga! Yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga. Did you know I love yoga?
  • The feeling of the warm sun on your face at the beach in July
  • Kisses from my rescue dogs
  • The sound of my son’s laughter
  • A cold beer + a live band
  • TRAVEL. And keeping our wanderlust bucketlist going
  • Family day in the boat
  • REESE’S for days
  • Vitacoco is literally the elixir of life
  • Skiing fresh pow after a nor’easter
  • Curling up with my husband in fresh sheets with some netflix and chill….

Hahaha….and ALWAYS keeping my sense of humor. Have you thought about your mantra yet? The more you say it the more you’ll believe it. And that my friends is the attitude of gratitude. Wishing a happy thanksgiving and holiday season to you and yours!


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